Malala, Madonna, Obama or Your Mama? 

This is not just another fashion doll...or action figure...just sayin!

Although it definitely could be! It could be a fashion doll, an action figure, a superhero, a villain, an aunt, an uncle, a parent or other role model -super or not! 

It's totally up to You! 

myIDolls are dolls for all kids and for all kinds of games!

Our dolls have the proportions and attributes of a realistic human body. We are working on creating more body shapes to create a wide diversity in our range!

The dolls are made from food grade silicone and bio based plastic. All fabrics used are GOTS certified as well as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. 

All our products are designed, made and manufactured in Sweden!

ID 3
549 kr
ID 2
549 kr
ID 1
549 kr
Triple Treat - Neat
Out of stock
ID 3 Dressed
699 kr
ID 2 Dressed
699 kr
ID 1 Dressed
Out of stock
Cool Custom
50 kr
Fair Air
Out of stock
Cap Cakes
80 kr
Blue Diddeli Doo
Out of stock
Bit of Bling
30 kr
Cap Cake Curl
100 kr
Snack Sack
40 kr
Swag Bag
40 kr
Gift Card
150 kr
Support Card
50 kr

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Within Sweden 49 SEK