The Team

Team Work makes Dream Work!

We have been fortunate to have some amazing mentors, partners and creative minds helping us make this happen. We couldn't possibly list them all! .....or maybe we could just shrink the text a bit? (If you don't want to read the full list but you still want to get to know us - just skip to the bottom of the page)

Lena Nyström, Benny Hedlund & Sven Hellestam at GUF - Gothenburg Inventors Society Ingrid Hernvall & Malin Mohr at SUF - Swedish Inventors Society,  Marie Alser & Angeli Sjöström Hederberg at Brewhouse Incubator, Erik Kullgren & Patrik Torstensson at  Elit Komposit, Kent Rundgren, Alexander Osika & Ludvig Magnusson at  Chalmers,  Carolina Lunde & Kristina Holmqvist Gattario at The Department of Psychology - University of Gothenburg, Åsa Blomberg at Manifest PR,  Karin Salmsson at Olika Förlag, Maite Eriksson at Varumärkesombudet Miljöbron and all the students we've had helping us out from the Universities: Linköpings University - Graphic Design and Communication - Karin Götestrand, Hanna Holmgren, Lisa Martini, Fanny Ståhl, Christoffer Torstensson, Inge Kalberg, Mikael Gonera, Märta Wolter, Sol Friedner University of Gothenburg - Department of Psychology Elsa Rehnström & Linda TernlindUniversity Of Gothenburg - Sustainable Marketing Management, University West Department of Engineering Science Anton Bergqvist & Petter Håkansson Also: Cecilia Johansson, Aita Kock, Henk Kock, Daniel Kock, Åsa Böcker, Leone Milton, Gun Ruberto, Francisco Antonio Andreasson aka Mr Andre, Kara Fairchild, Lena Dahlgren, Catarina Calén, Åsa Ashjari, Emma Dahlqvist, Peter Gustavsson, Robin Axhed, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer (ok losing focus...that last one was a bit of wishful thinking)  and last but the opposite of least: Marina Griffith, Björn Taube, Oscar Taube & Isabelle Afzelius 

If we would make a list of all the people and companies that we have persuaded into working with us it would look something like this: (NOTE that if you think that you should be on the list but you can't find your name don't worry, it's just that we want to keep you for ourselves *Conny, Stefan, Jesper, Björn, Mats and your crews) Our fantastic seamstress - Petra Dainty Fingers Fritzman, Genusredaktörerna - Elin Regn & Frida Öst, LC Formteknik - Lars Chaeder, ABIC - Lena Dahlgren, Bastion Studio Lab - Brita Lindvall Leitmann & Alexandra Falagara, Feministiska Kommunikationsbyrån - Lina Forsgren, Odjuret - Dan Persson, 3D artist William Pryn, Web Developer Isak Burström, Photographer Jesper Persson, Micha Engineering Solutions - Adam Micha, Manifest PR - Åsa Blomberg, Martina Johansson & their crew 

The people and companies that have tireless turned us down (many of them more than once) in our quest of getting our doll to production we seriously couldn't list (cause that would take up way too much space here). But if you have an awesome idea that you want to develop and you're in need of some creative, visionary people we can supply you with an impressive list of people not to contact. Just let us know!

The inner circle of myIDolls Dream Team:

Julia Taube - (in the middle) Founder and CEO of myIDolls AB. Creative, dedicated and strong minded to the point that some might say pushy. An introvert that doesn't think too much before speaking which has the tendency to result in awkward moments when made to socialize. Can't stand doing nothing and have a hard time letting anyone doing anything. 

Madeleine Kock - (to the right) A great eye for details and design and an impressive passion for laws and regulations.  A somewhat emotional wreck with more ups and downs in a week than most people have in a year. An untidy control freak who doesn't mind to cry loud even if its in public. Never turns down a challenge weather its climbing a mountain, bungee jumping, parachuting or deep sea diving in a foreign country. 

George Londy - (to the left) A perfectionist down to the smallest detail when it comes to any craftsmanship. His task at the moment (above the usual dropping off and picking up kids from school and daycare, cooking lunch and making sure we don't run out of toilet paper) includes about 42 000 rivets, 50 000 components and a very sore arm. A maker that can make anything out of nothing. Building a kitchen, a miniature treasure chest or constructing a tool that does not exist, nothing is too big or too small for this Legend.  A neat freak but also a hoarder at heart. A social butterfly far away from his family in Australia.                

Also the Amazing Safety Crew - The Test Panel:

Zeeleon the Chameleon, Elli the Restless Belly, Maggie Fishbone Malone, Lei the Bathroom Slay, HardRock-Frankie Dankie! Without them...well it would have been a lot quicker but not nearly as fun!