How to hang out with your IDoll

Well we don't enjoy making rules just for the sake of it but one thing you have to remember while hanging out with your IDoll:

Do Not bend elbows, knees or other joints in the wrong direction (that is in a direction that your own joints could not handle) this could cause fractures or other damages.

If an arm, the neck or any other joint would get dislocated ask a grownup for help (and remember don’t freak out! It might look worse than it is...)  

Malala, Madonna, Obama or Your Mama? 

This is not just another fashion doll...or action figure...just sayin!

Although it definitely could be! It could be a fashion doll, an action figure, a superhero, a villain, an aunt, an uncle, a parent or other role model -super or not! 

It's totally up to You! 

Changing clothes:

Up to You! Do it or don't do it. One leg, one hand put it together and you might have a rock band!

Changing the wigs:

Take it off.. put it on.. play along! (Or the other way around)

Do Not use any form of heat source such as blow dryer, curling iron, crimper, toaster, etc on the dolls hair, in addition to the fact that you could get a burn the dolls hair might get an unexpected or even unwanted hairdo or damage. 

In Water:

You can use a damp cloth for cleaning your IDoll and mild detergent if needed. 

But do not put the doll in the washing machine or in the dishwasher, it might come out looking a bit wild!

Also do not try to flush your doll down the toilet. This might bring about jam in the surrage or even worse...IDolloss! For real!

As long as you follow the instructions above you can play in any way shape or form that you desire! 

Together  you can build an awesome forte and explore the most secrete areas of the sandpit, bake a delicious chocolate mud cake and host a dashing tea party, create an inspiring haute couture collection out of upcycled treasures and participate in the New York fashion week, ponder over the things in life that you would want to change and then start a protest,  use your superpower (you know the one that makes you invisible) and spy on the neighbours shady cats or you can just save the world and rule the universe for all eternity.  

Imagination Defines!


myIDolls dolls are not suitable for children under the age of three, due to small parts.

Regardless of age do Not swallow any parts of this product! (They are made from FDA approved materials and they might even look like yummy candy but they do NOT taste good! At all.)

GB: Not suitable for children under the age of three. D: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet. F: Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de trois ans. I: Non addato a bambini di etá inferiore a tre anni. NL: Niet geschikt voor jonger dan drie jaar. E: No conviene para ninos menores de tres anores. P: Contra-indicado para criancas com menos de 3 anos. DK: Ikke egnet for børn under tre år. FIN: Ei sovellu alle kolmivuotiaille. N: Ikke egnet for barn under tre år. Kärlek vet inga gränser.