We make toys to inspire children to imagine, to create and to have fun -without being confined by gender norms nor influenced by skewed beauty standards.

The purpose of myIDolls is to create a platform, free from limiting and rigid norms and ideals, to encourage play where the child's needs, joys and imagination gets to define the game.

We think that all children, regardless of gender, should get to explore games full of adventure and excitement as well as those that encourages communication -and caretaking skills.

Through dolls without characters defined and tied to existing norms, we can give children the opportunity to explore the same kind of games no matter who they are or how they play!

Our commitment is to implement the creation of myIDolls with the least possible negative impact on the environment. Therefore we use only non-toxic materials for the protection of nature and off course for our children's health.

So basically it's not what we put in our products - it's what we leave out! - Toxic materials and noxious norms.

All our products are designed and produced here in Sweden!